Yes!  Patients Trust You With Their Health

... but patients also trust YOU 
with their private information
don't they? 

It's a little unfair really.  Somehow we all got dragged into a world of digital information, privacy rules, security rules and a big HIPAA headache.  Maybe it should be called the HIPAACRATIC OATH!

The advice from experts is clear.  
Don't try to make your practice HIPAA compliant by yourself.  I promise you - it will take too much of your valuable time.  Time you don't have to spare.

Your patients come to you because you are an expert. Right?

HIPAA is our speciality.  You don't advise your patients to treat themselves do you? 

A quick twenty minute consultation allows us to advise which solution is right for you.  
AdeliaRisk designs solutions that solve your HIPAA problem once and for all - without any real effort on your part!

We make HIPAA compliance super affordable and trouble-free. We do the entire installation for you.  Let us worry about HIPAA while you just concentrate on your practice.

AdeliaRisk provides a hands-free solution to your HIPAA problem

AdeliaRisk advises and guides over 50,000 people all across the United States!

The next step is a friendly chat.  We recommend a quick phone call. It's a little bit like a patient calling the advice nurse.

It doesn't take much time.  You quickly get solid professional help. You get clear direction you can trust.

Look, we know you don't want to spend a lot of time and money on HIPAA.  So AdeliaRisk just concentrates on what you need and nothing more.

All practices need...

HIPAA-compliant Email

Secure, HIPAA-compliant Computers

HIPAA-compliant smartphones and tablets

Cost effective, time-efficient training

HIPAA-compliant paperwork

Annual risk assessments

What Our Clients Say...

AdeliaRisk is exactly what I needed for my business, I’m in healthcare and protecting PHI is critical. We've been using Google's G Suite for a while now, but we weren't sure if it was set up properly. AdeliaRisk made it so we don't have to worry. They took care of our email security, made sure our computers were set up the right way, and even took the time to train our staff on how to be safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant.

Grace Barker Health, RI

Mark Lescault

As a nursing service specializing in prescription management, we handle ePHI for multiple practices.  We need to be able to prove that we are HIPAA-compliant and safer than the medical practices we serve.  AdeliaRisk made sure our computers and email were set up correctly.  We use a secure version of Google’s G Suite that makes it easy to securely send and receive emails from patients, other practices, and insurance companies.  I highly recommend working with AdeliaRisk if you want to make sure your company is safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant.

Jennifer Cameron

PR NRX Solutions, CA

Corvallis Natural Medicine, OR

Deborah Nixdorf

I find it difficult to keep up with the ever changing HIPAA regulations. After spending hours on my own research, I was more confused about who to trust and what to do.  AdeliaRisk set everything up the right way, and made my emails safe and secure.  The best part?  I barely had to spend any time on it at all!

You won't regret a quick 20-minute call.  Here's why:

Many companies offering HIPAA compliance leave the setup and installation entirely to you. At AdeliaRisk, we take care of everything! 

If AdeliaRisk is the right solution for you, you get to wave goodbye to your HIPAA problem once and for all. No risk! 

There are no long-term, rigid contracts with AdeliaRisk. We don't believe in them! 

The world is always changing, so our solution also includes ongoing effective and time efficient training and cybersecurity.

The AdeliaRisk solution is a complete solution for email, computers, paperwork, and training. You're done!

Just one simple phone call could make your HIPAA problem go away!  


My name is Josh Ablett and here are three promises I make to every customer:

1) We offer an affordable service because we only install the cybersecurity you need for your particular situation to be safe and HIPAA compliant.  Nothing more, nothing less.  

2) We provide ongoing 24/7 protection and maintenance so you never have to worry about new threats or changes to the HIPAA regulations.

3) You are never under any obligation and there are no long-term contracts. You are billed monthly and can cancel anytime with no penalties.

Josh Ablett , Chief Information Security Officer at AdeliaRisk