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Why use the HIPAA Wizard?

Are you sick of spending hours researching HIPAA Solutions? 

Are you tired of reading conflicting advice? 

The AdeliaRisk HIPAA Wizard takes only a few minutes and once completed you will receive a free custom HIPAA & Cyber Security report for your practice. 

The report will show you clear, actionable steps you can take to protect your practice from hackers, audits, fines and security breaches.

Josh Ablett,
Adelia Risk

"Adelia Risk is exactly what I needed for my healthcare business. They made it so we don't have to worry." 

Mark Lescault, 
Grace Barker Health, RI

"Adelia Risk set everything up the right way, and made my emails secure. I barely had to spend any time on it at all!" 

Deborah Nixdorf 
Corvallis Natural Medicine, OR

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"I designed this Wizard to clearly & quickly identify the core vulnerabilities that your practice may be facing from a HIPAA perspective. 

I did this using my extensive consulting experience from working with hundreds of companies and single-person practitioners across the USA.

I'm certain if you use it, you will find the information provided extremely valuable to helping secure your practice."


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